eCosPro Solutions

eCosPro Developer's Kits

The kits provide an all-in-one shrink-wrapped solution for many embedded development projects. They include IDE, compilers and tools on the host side, complementing the eCosPro RTOS with its comprehensive range of runtime features on the target side. All backed up by responsive technical support services. Royalty and product license fee free. Available for a wide range of development boards.

Custom Engineering Services

Let eCosCentric's experts take the risk and complexity out of the system software for your project. We deliver high quality, tested and supported software components. Work is typically handled on a fixed price, fixed delivery schedule basis - insulating your budget and timeline against unwelcome surprises. You define the specification and we deliver a custom eCosPro Developer's Kit ported to your hardware; along with any specific device drivers, features and custom enhancements that you require.


eCosCentric provides a range of add-on middleware for customers with particular needs. These include USB drivers and classes, graphical user interface libraries, network security, cross platform communications, specialist file systems and much more.

News & Events

Mbed TLS

Mbed TLS v2.28.8 (Security Advisory)
eCosCentric integrates fixes for security concerns recently found in Mbed TLS. Security fixes address a potential vulnerability in applications that use the PSA Crypto API in Mbed TLS with parameters located in memory that is shared with an untrusted domain [CVE-2024-28960], as well as incorporating a number of minor changes to the long-time support branch of Mbed TLS. Developers are strongly encouraged to review their configurations and open a support ticket to receive a patch or update to their eCosPro sources.


eCosPro for RISC-V silicon
eCosCentric successfully migrates architectural RISC-V ports from QEMU system emulators to deployed silicon. Porting has focused initially on popular platforms based on SiFive RV32I hard-cores for deeply embedded systems, exercising the eCosPro run-time and its prebuilt development environment.

64-bit eCosPro

64-bit adaptation of eCosPro
eCosCentric adapts eCosPro run-time in readiness for deployment in pure 64-bit execution environments, including eCos on RV64I cores for 64-bit RISC-V designs and leading-edge AArch64 based Arm Cortex-A systems.

eCosPro 4.9

eCosPro v4.9
eCosCentric delivers v4.9.0 iteration of the eCosPro Developer's Kit. The release incorporates the latest improvements to eCosPro for NXP i.MXRT105x/106x with direct programming support for on-chip WinBond/SPI flash via the Ronetix PEEDI (requires firmware update).

Intel/Altera Arria 10

eCosPro expands to mid-range Arria 10 FPGA
eCosCentric ports eCosPro to Intel Arria 10 mid-range FPGA series, expanding coverage from the popular Cyclone-V SoC hard processor systems. Pre-configured for symmetric multi processing, non-SMP workloads and four Ethernet interfaces for DreamChip Technologies Altera based System On Modules.


GCC 12 updates for RISC-V
eCosCentric tailors gcc-12 based toolchain for eCos RISC-V development. Incorporates new exception handling routines for eCosPro C++ Standard Template Library, internal operators for RV32 & RV64 thread stack alignment, replacing generic embedded gcc-10 cross-compilers used in eCosPro for RISC-V research prototypes.


eCosPro for RISC-V
eCosCentric ports eCosPro to RISC-V architecture. RV32I CPU, PCIC and CLINT interrupt controllers, UART and VirtIO devices have been qualified; integrating the RISC-V system emulator (QEMU) within eCosCentric's testfarm.

eCosPro RPi

eCosPro for Raspberry Pi
eCosCentric ports eCosPro to Raspberry Pi. Delivers deterministic, real-time performance on the Raspberry Pi 3, Pi 2, Pi 1, Pi Zero and Pi Zero Wireless boards, as well as the Pi Compute Modules 1 and 3.

eCosPro 4.0

eCosPro v4.0
eCosCentric introduces a major update to the eCosPro Developer's Kit. v4.0 delivers improvements to tools, Mars version of Eclipse IDE, run-time enhancements and evaluation copies of key eCosCentric middleware

eCosPro SMP

SMP support for ARM added to eCosPro
eCosCentric adds SMP (Symmetric Multi-Processing) for ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore on the Altera Cyclone V SoC Hard Processor System.

eCosPro STM32F7 Cortex-M7

STM32F7 Cortex-M7 added to eCosPro
eCosCentric adds STM32 F7 platform to eCosPro, delivering first architectural port for the ARM Cortex-M7 core.


Integrated USB Device stack added to eCosPro
eCosCentric introduces a USB device stack for eCosPro, tightly integrated with the eCos IO and IPv6 networking layers. Provides network and serial connectivity, complementing host stack capability.

Eclipse Juno

Eclipse Juno support added with eCosPro plugin
eCosCentric add support for the Eclipse Juno release, providing eCosPro developers access to the new features and improved workflow.


Integrated USB Host stack added to eCosPro
eCosCentric introduces a USB host stack for eCosPro, tightly integrated with the eCos file system layer. Provides for mass storage and hubs devices with hot-swap capability.


Bonjour conformant Zeroconf networking for eCosPro
eCosCentric brings the simplicity of Zeroconf networking to eCosPro, allowing dynamic device management and service discovery. The perfect solution for connecting tablets and smartphones to ecos-based network devices.


Russian satellite uses eCos-based control system
The Chibis-M satellite launched from the International Space Station is on a multi-year mission to study upper atmosphere electrical phenomena such as sprites and jets.


eCosPro's lwIP stack upgraded to IPv6 capable v1.4
The lightweight IP networking stack integrated with eCosPro has been updated to v1.4, adding new features, performance and reliability improvements over the previous release.

eCosPro NTP

NTP (Network Time Protocol) added to eCosPro
eCosCentric adds NTP support to eCosPro and delivers high precision advanced clock management to provide unified time services.

Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer

eCos RTOS used in Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer
Final mission of the Space Shuttle Endeavour transports Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer to the International Space Station. eCos is used in the experiment's main DAQ computers.